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NSUMCNorth Salem United Methodist Church

Jesus in a Shoebox

Here is an idea for spreading the Chirstmas Spirit. Send this box to the Lazarus House or your local shelter, filled with goodies for the less fortunate.

Take a shoebox (any size will do) Wrap the top and bottom separately and festively. Label the box for the person you want to receive it: for example, BOY, age 3-5; GIRL, age 10-12; BABY, 6-12 months. Fill the box with goodies (check the Freebies and the north Salem Preschool Kid Freebies pages for likely gifts): Coloring book and crayons, school supplies, toiletries, small bible or bible storybook, a small toy or anything else you think would be a blessing: a t-shirt, socks, (for girls: nail polish, hair things, perfume) (for boys: a compass, small flashlight, plastic bugs, etc). Include a note from yourself! If you don't know what to say, you can use the letter at the bottom of the page.

Printable label:

Here is a gift for: 


A _____  who is _____  years old.
From your friends at
North Salem United Methodist Church
PO Box 206
North Salem, NH 03073
(603) 893-5670
Fax: (413) 487-3367

Printable letter (to print, select the letter, hit print, and click on print selection):


Dear Friend:

Let me tell you about myself. My name is ___________________ and I am

_____ years old. I live in a family of ____people: My dad,

_______________my mom,___________________, and my brothers and sisters, ______________________________________________________________.

Each year when we celebrate Christmas, we are really celebrating Jesus' birthday. He came to earth from heaven, and was born in a manger. His birth was especially planned by God, because He is God's only Son! He lived a perfect life, and then died on the cross for us! You see, the Bible says that every one of us has sinned (that is what it is called when we do wrong things) and because of that sin nothing we can ever do will make us be good enough to be able to be with God. But Jesus paid for our forgiveness so that we can go to heaven. When we trust in Him, He forgives us and loves us and makes a beautiful home for us in heaven!

If you do not know Jesus, I hope you will want to know Him. You can say these words: Jesus, I know I can never be perfect like You. But I thank You for loving me enough to die for my sins. I ask you to come into my heart and live in me and be my Savior. Thank You, Jesus! Amen.

Now you can talk to Jesus every day (that is called praying). You can read the Bible, and it will help you learn the things to do that will please Him. And if you mess up, you can ask Him to forgive you and He will!

Because God gave us Jesus to be our very best gift ever, we give gifts to others to show God's love to them. I don't know you now, but in heaven we can meet each other and we will be glad to know each other then! I hope you have a happy Christmas, and that you will ask Jesus to be YOUR very best gift!

Best Wishes,