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NSUMCNorth Salem United Methodist Church

The Messenger

April 2003

Volume 1, Issue 9

Message from Your Pastor

Events Calendar

Membership at North Salem UMC

Stewardship Campaign off to a Great Start

Mission Project


Sunday School Update

Committee Reports

Praying for Peace

"Sometimes Christians" or "All the Time Christians"

Care Packages for our Military in Iraq

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New Hampshire

A Child's Definition of Love...

"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne, and they go out and smell each other."

Message from Your Pastor

Sang-Churl Bae

We live everday with decisions to make. What to eat for breakfast or what to do first? Each decisions reflects something within our hearts, desires, and hopes. If you start your day with a good and healthy breakfast, it is one of your hopes that it would boost your energy level throughout the day. If you start with walking a milk for exercise, it is also your hope that it would strengthen your body and mind. We would have to make so many other decisions throughout the day, even when we have a to-do list with priority. So we are constantly at the crossroads. If we expand it further, it may include all the decisions we make for our career, family, education, politics, and retirement. Sometimes we are inundated by all the demands we have to meet. And sometimes we wish that we would not need to do anything, but go with the flow. But we know for sure that we have to make decisions sooner or later.

Then how do we come to the decisions we make? What is the basis of the decisions we make? It may be your personal interest or passion. Or it may be your family or may be your career. However, for those who believe in God through Christ Jesus, there is a good foundation for decision making process. You may still remember a trend a few years ago, WWJD. "What Would Jesus Do?" What would Jesus do if he were in my shoes? However, we would be superficial and even phony about this WWJD, if we do not know what Jesus really has said and what he wants us to live by. Anything come to your mind right now? The Scripture has a lot to say about this. Here is one example from Ephesians.

"That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God." (3:16-19)

The decision you are to make is rooted and grounded in love of Christ? Since Christ died on the cross to demonstrate how much God loves us through Jesus Christ, all the things we do and say should also be based on this love to exhibit the evidences in our decisions we make in our life. Thus, I invite you to know the love of Christ in this season of Lent more closely and intimately and make it be your foundation for all the things you do with God-given precious life, which is YOU. May the blessing and peace of God be with you.

Your Pastor, Sang-Churl

Events Calendar

Easter Services

Sunday, April 13th
Palm Sunday Service 9:15

Thursday, April 17th
Maundy Thursday Service 7 pm

Friday, April 18th
12-Hour Prayer Vigil

Sunday, April 20th
Sunrise Service 7 am at the church
Easter Breakfast 7:30 am at the church
Easter Sunday Service 9:15 am

April 7th through April 19th
Fundraiser - collating and mailing of the Palmer Gas Newsletter

Flea Market/Plant Sale - May 17th

Our annual Flea Market event will be held on Saturday, May 17th and will highlight a Plant Sale. Of course we need your donated items to make this a success, and we'd like to count on you for some plants as well. If you have any flowers, herbs, or shrubs/bushes from your own garden, they would be greatly appreciated.

Chicken BBQ - June 14th

Mark this date on your calendar for a scrumptious Chicken BBQ complete with all the fixings, thanks to the hard work of the men in our church.


On April 17th we will start collating the Palmer Gas newsletter and continue until finished, no later than April 19th. Many hands will make this a fast and enjoyable task... so come one and all... it's fun!
Remember to finish selling your candy and bring in the money for the Candy Sale.
Lisa and her gals ran a very successful movie nite recently and many of us are hoping for a repeat...

Membership at North Salem UMC

Are you a member of our church? If you are unsure, check with Noreen Nadeau, our membership secretary. It's easy to become a member and there are three ways to make it happen.

Confession of Faith: The initial entrance into membership in the church, when on confesses faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Reaffirmation of Faith: One's renewing of the initial confession of faith after a period of inactivity or not being on a church membership roll.

Transfer or Membership: Either from another United Methodist Church of a Christian church of another denomination. We recognize Baptism from all of the Christian churches.

Membership classes are forming to guide you through the following topics of the church: History and Heritage, Sacraments and Theology, Connected Together and Small Groups, Stewardship, Spiritual Growth, and How We Serve.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please see Keith Boucher or Pastor Bae.

Stewardship Campaign off to a Great Start

By Wally Stickney

"Off to a great start you ask"? You thought it was over last November? Yep - off to a great start, we answer. And it is not over. Oh, sure, the pledging bit last November was the most successful ever, no question about that. Thanks to everyone for your help. But that was just a start.

Our church has expanded its reach and things like health insurance have sky rocketed in cost so our stewardship activity is more than just a month of fundraising - it is, well, stewardship. And, strange but true, it turns out that stewardship is a way of life and not just a month of money raising and pledging.

Stewardship is described in the Bible and defined in Webster's Dictionary as the responsibilities of a steward. And a steward is defined as one who manages another's property. "Another's property", you ask? "Impossible! It is my money and my time and my property we are talking about here and nobody else's. Check that dictionary again."

Even the dictionary recognizes that the "another" in the stewardship equation is God. We really knew that all the time, right? Our talents and our financial situation are gifts from God for us to manage during our lifetimes as good stewards. That is what stewardship is all about.

That is why stewardship really is the use of the talents and our money to further the work of the Lord. That's why we are all in our Church activities. And that is why our stewardship campaign never ends.

Tithing Your Tax Refund

Tithing is tough to do. Very few of us ever get to that point, whatever our station in life, whatever our resources. But what about that tax refund? Maybe you didn't expect it to be so much. Why not try tithing that unexpected return money to the church? It would be relatively painless way to be one of the few in the world who really tithe!

The Youth Group met recently at the home of Cindy Simms to paint and decorate flower pots to deliver to shut-ins during the lenten season. The pots were all dotted and striped in pastels and will be perfect holders for Easter plants.

Mission Project

North Salem UMC is seeking an ongoing mission project to support. Habitat for Humanity is a great mission for young and old. Check out

Greater Lawrence Habitat for Humanity is an affiliate chapter of Habitat for Humanity International, the largest, nonprofit home builder in the world. They build simple, affordable, comfortable homes with people who need them.

Habitat works as a partnership. The partnership consists of families in need, volunteers, churches, local government, businesses and caring individuals.

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry. HFHI seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need.

Habitat has built more than 125,000 houses around the world, providing more than 625,000 people in more than 3,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelters. HFHI was founded in 1976 by Millard Fuller along with his wife Linda.

If you'd be interested in supporting Habitat for Humanity with some of your time or financial resources as a mission of North Salem UMC please see Keith Boucher.


2003 New England Conference Scholarship Applications Available

All high school graduates who are members of the United Methodist Churches within New England who are seeking assistance for education beyond high school are eligible to apply for a New England Conference Scholarship.

Application are due May 1, 2003. The award selection is done during May and notifications are sent after June 1st with Grant checks mailed in mid-July. There is not much left so call Pastor Bae for an application.

Sunday School Update

By Dawn Trusty, Sunday School Superintendent

Teachers Want to Learn

Did you know that Sunday School teachers attend class too? The great educators of N. Salem UMC want to be at their best for your kids. Pastor Bae introduced us to the Cokesbury series, "What Every Teacher Needs to Know". Two classes were held so far at the early hour of 8:15 am. Sure, we were all tired, but our students are certainly worth it. Pastor Bae summarized "Theology". We learned about the parts of the church sanctuary, church seasons, and parts of a worship service. I led the group through the topics of "Curriculum" and "Classroom Environment". My favorite discovery is that the teacher is 7 times more important than printed lessons. It's true. Do you remember the names of those special teachers in your life? I am sure you do.

Wanted: 2 Loving Sunday School Teachers

Due to a family move and an upcoming college career, we will need to fill the shoes of 2 teachers. Do you enjoy children or youth? Would you be willing to teach part time starting September 14th? This would be a commitment of teaching 2 or 3 Sundays a month and attending an occasional workshop. It's rewarding. Please speak with me if interested.

A New Teacher

I'd like to welcome Alexis Boucher to the teaching staff. We're so pleased you've joined us.

18 Sundays

Children's Sunday (June 8th) is right around the corner. We'd like to encourage all the children to come to Sunday School. Our goal is to give out as many pins and year bars as we can. Pins are earned by students who attend 18 classes (or close to it). We will also reward several students with best attendance ribbons.

Transportation Available

We care about your kids. This is why Keith Boucher has volunteered to give rides to any children or youth who need them. Please call Keith to arrange for a ride. He'd also appreciate any help in providing transportation.

Committee Reports

Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PPRC)

By Merrianne McDonald

Pray and Support Our Country!

Welcome Spring!! Doesn't it feel good to see the weather breaking, the grass starting to show and new life springing up around us? It is the season of new beginnings, both on our earth and in our life at church. Look to our Risen Lord, and go forth with joy and gladness.

We will be having a very important church congregational meeting on April 6th. PPRC is hoping you all come and join us that day to participate in some important decisions.
God bless you all during this Holiday Season and may God Bless the United States of America.

Trustee Notes

By Bill Ermer

The Trustees held their first meeting of the year on January 28th to elect officers and set goals and projects. Since the beginning of the year we have:

  • Applied for and received approval from neighbors and Town to extend us of mobile classroom through June 2004
  • Received occupancy permit from Town after inspection of completed addition
  • Trustees annual report was completed and sent to Church Board and district Superintendent
  • Applied for re-mortgage through Salem Co-operative Bank, approved and starting April 15th will reduce mortgage somewhat
  • Made changes to investments with the New England Foundation
  • Gary Bulpitt came at a moment's notice to help with recent septic problems. Thanks, Gary, for a great job!

Remaining projects for the year are:

  • Finish Youth Center bathroom
  • Fix up playground
  • Paint fences at mobile classroom and plant shrubs
  • Schedule fall and spring clean-up days
  • Plan a scheme to have suppers and more fellowship at the church and youth center

Thanks to the Trustees and members who have worked so hard and accomplished so much. The main objective of the Trustees is to create opportunities for our congregation and community. We wish to create a vision to receive the spirit and faith as our Lord has shown us.

Praying for Peace

By Sang-Churl Bae, Pastor of North Salem United Methodist Church

By now you should know what goes on in the world, especially with Iraq. There is no other time than these days we need to pray more and harder for the troops and the leaders. I am sure some of us may differ on this war against Iraq. However, this crisis calls for our advent prayer for the safety of the troops and of Iraq people. So I am sending you prayers that you may incorporate into your prayer these days. In God's Peace,

Prayer for Those in Military Service

Righteous God, you rule the nations.
Guard brave men and women in military service.
Give them compassion for those who confront them as enemies.
Keep our children from hate that hardens, or through scorekeeping with human lives.
Though for a season they must be people of war, let them live for peace, as eager for agreement as for victory.
Encourage them as they encourage one another, and never let hard duty separate them from loyalty to your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen!

A Vision of Hope

We pray that someday an arrow will be broken,
Not in something or someone, but by each of humankind, to indicate peace, not violence.
Someday, oneness with creation, rather than domination over creation, will be the goal to be respected.
Someday fearlessness to love and make a difference will be experienced by all people.
Then the eagle will carry our prayer for peace and love, and the people of the red, white, yellow, brown, and black communities can sit in the same circle together to communicate in love and experience the presence of the Great Mystery in their midst.
Someday can be today for you and me. Amen

"Sometimes Christians" or "All the Time Christians"

By Noreen Nadeau

I read a couple of articles in the Upper Room recently that really made me think about being a Christian. Are we only Christians when we are in trouble or when we need something? It is only then when we take the time to pray and then it is only to ask God for help and you find yourself bargaining with God. "Lord if you do __________ for me, I promise to _________," and I will never do that again.

In a song by Diane Muise "And the World Is Watching" it says:
The Gospel preached is not the one we live;
We know that there are needs, but we don't give;
Something special is at church, you know;
If nothing good is on TV, then we might go;
And even our kids realize, that Christ is not the first in our lives.

Then there is the parable about the talents. We can relate to this story in our own lives. Our "talents" - what our Lord has entrusted to us - are our abilities, our resources, our time. We can use these to build up the Body of Christ. Or we can be like the servant who buries the talent, helping no one. What talent has God entrusted to you?

Our God has given each and every one of us so much, and yes we all go through some rough times, but if you really stop and think of all the blessings that you do have, I think you will agree that the positives outnumber the negatives by far. With this in mind don't you think it is about time that we show our Lord our gratitude for all he has given us by first taking that ONE hour on Sunday to go to CHURCH and thank him. Secondly, put those God given TALENTS to use by volunteering for some of the jobs that keep our Church doing the work that Lord has asked us to do by spreading his word and helping our neighbors.

The world is having its problems. You can't pick up a paper or turn on the radio or TV without hearing more bad news. We need to go back to the basics and put prayer back in the schools and get back to putting the Lord back in our lives. I believe this would help get respect and peace back in our lives.

Let's get our priorities straight.

Care Packages for our Military in Iraq

As many of you are aware, our church hopes to send care packages to our military personnel.
Items needed include:
Dog flea collars
Avon Skin So Soft
Wet wipes or diaper wipes
Gum, hard candies, snack items (ie packages of crackers/cheese, peanut butter, cookies, etc)
Anything else you care to send along

They have requested NO chocolate as it melts too quickly in the desert.

Please bring your items to church on Sunday. As Christians we can make a difference in this big way, prayer and care. There are addresses available for three individuals, please ask at the church for details.

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