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NSUMCNorth Salem United Methodist Church

The Messenger

February/March 2002

Volume 1, Issue 7

Message from Your Pastor

Schedule of Events

Worship Committee Regroups

You Have A Talent Dollar?

Soup for the Soul

Message from Finance

Lenten Coin Folders

Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Success in Mission Shares

Trustees Organize for Coming Year

Sunday School News

Get Ready to enter the “Twilight Zone”

Youth Group  

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New Hampshire

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New Hampshire

Message from Your Pastor

We have just begun our Lenten season as we got together on Ash Wednesday. We do not need much of explanation on what is Lent here. However, we have to think about what is expected during Lent, not only from God but also from ourselves. We need to engage in serious spiritual endeavor in order to get the best and the most out of this season of Lent. Then what can be done? What can we do to ensure that we could benefit greatly from this season and eventually grow in faith and love of God? As we have already shared at Ash Wednesday service, I would like to encourage all of us, including myself, to begin an honest and sincere journey through this Lenten season.

Lent is a time for Christians to take inventory. It is time to take spiritual assessment of where we are with God. Have we left him out of the picture of our day-to-day living so much that we have forgotten him completely or only call on him in an emergency? Or have we decided that “one of these days” we will do what God urges us to do, but right now we are doing quite well with our own pursuits? Or have we decided to do the things in the ways we think serve us better? Or, is God a very present reality in our every endeavor, supporting and strengthening our attempt to move toward spiritual wholeness and health? Is God a very present reality in our effort of sharing the good news with many others who are in need of the assurance of God’s love and grace? The question we need to ask ourselves constantly is whether God is in the center of our thought-process, decision-making, relationship, and even everyday chores.

Lent is a time for us to reflect on where we are with God and how we do with our faith in God. It is also a time for us to turn away from the things and the ways that are inconsistent with our faith in God. If we believe in the risen Christ who gives us new meaning, strength, and hope, then ourday-to-day life should be in tune with God in Christ, the Risen Lord. May the blessing of God be with you in this season of Lent as you begin to do your inventory check to see where you are with God and how you do with your faith in God. May God also bless you as you turn away from old ways of thinking, making decisions to new ones, because we confess and believe that God who resurrected Jesus will surely makeall things new. Amen!

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireSchedule of Events


23rd-Garage Sale 9am-1pm at the parsonage

24th-Sunday Worship 9:15 am (Be there early to take part in the “Hymn Sing”)


3rd-Sunday Worship 9:15 am (Hymn Sing at 9:00)

9th-Saturday ‘Twilight Zone’ Worship Service 5:30 pm w/special music

10th-Sunday Worship 9:15am (Hymn Sing early)

16th-Saturday ‘Twilight Zone’ Worship Service 5:30 pm

17th-Sunday Worship, 9:15 am

23rd-Saturday “Twilight Zone’ Worship Service, 5:30 pm

24th-Sunday Worship 9:15am, Palm Sunday

28th-Maunday Thursday Service 7:00 pm

29th-Good Friday Prayer Vigil

30th-Saturday Worship Service 5:30 pm

31st-Easter Sunday Services 9:15 and 11:00 am

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireWorship Committee Regroups

By Martha King

Hi Everyone! I wanted to say a few words about one of our new committees of which I am chairperson. (How did that happen?) The Worship Committee consists of Pastor Sang-Churl Bae, Nancy Collier-Welch, Tim Warnick, Linda Robbins, Nancy Stickney, and myself. We met last week and did a lot of talking and praying about how to go forward. Here a few of the things that we decided.

We want to try and make the service have a little more zing, for lack of a better word. One way to accomplish this, is to have Congregational singing, which will start on February 17th and go on from there. We will ask people in the congregation to choose a favorite hymn, or two, for everyone to sing before the service begins. So try to get to church a little before the service (at least 5 minutes or so,) so that we can all participate. We realize that those of you with young children may find it difficult at first, just keep trying though, because we are all gathered in God's name, and it should be a lot of fun.

We also discussed forming several new choirs in addition to the regular choir that we have now. The first to form will be a children's choir. I know that we have a lot of little ones with excellent voices! This would probably only be a once a month thing, and perhaps also on special occasions. Hae-Yeon has graciously volunteered to play the piano for this "special" choir. The only thing we need now, aside from children, is a youth or two to help lead the children. The committment would not be a big one, maybe an hour or so a month to get the children prepared and then to lead them during the service. We are asking for volunteers for this.

The next thing that was decided was that in addition to Pastor Bae, the regular choir would give some input into the hymn selections for the regular services.

If anyone has any questions or comments for the Worship Committee, please let the Pastor or me know. One of us would be happy to speak with you at any time. God's Peace and Love always, Martha

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireYou Have A Talent Dollar?

What is this new buzz-word that everyone is talking about?

Talent is what everyone has. Sometimes it is known and other times it is hidden.

Talents are fun and we want everyone to have a chance to show theirs and at the same time help the church with its challenges ahead.

We will be handing out a gold dollar to everyone who wishes to participate and grow their talent as best they can. When you receive your dollar plant your talent and watch it grow! You will be surprised as to what you can do!

Here are a few talent dollar ideas. Try one of these or create your own.

•Have a social hour or dessert party and charge a small fee.
•Ice Cream, Tupperware, or Dinner party.
•Grab Bag. (buy small gifts and sell them for profit)
•Rent a table at the Flea Market and donate a percent of the sales.
•Double your dollar amount each week for the seven weeks.

Have fun with your talent and you will be rewarded with a great time. Please see Noreen, Keith or Bill Ermer for your talent dollar.

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireSoup for the Soul

This past fall we initiated a Soup Dinner program for church friends and neighbors. Since we started, we have delivered soup to over 25 families in the Salem area! The program will continue through the spring, and includes a soup, bread and dessert delivered to the home of someone ill, recovering, or anyone we might like to bless with a gift from our church. For more information, please contact Cindy Simms at 893-0027 or any member of the Women’s Group.

We have faith we can be disciples and bring new people into our church and ultimately help them know the joys of a church family and having Christ in their life.

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireMessage from Finance

By Noreen Nadeau

Here we are in the second month of the year 2002 already. It is really hard to believe how fast time goes by.

The finance committee has been very busy with meetings and going over what is coming in and what our expenses are and how we are going to launch a lot of new services and activities for this year.

The name of the game is consistency, just like you have household expenses, the church has the same basic expenses like mortgage, utilities, salaries, etc. Just like your budget for home you need certain amounts to come in weekly in order to have the money to pay these bills on time. With this in mind it is very important that your tithes and gifts come in on a weekly (consistent basis) for assurance the money will be in place when the bills arrive.

As mentioned earlier we are planning a lot of new things this year and we will be running fund raisers to do all these things. Listed below are some of the ideas we have explored with approximate dates.

We already have had one very successful garage sale, which brought in $722.81 and we have another one planned for Saturday February 23rd.

•Talent Dollars distributed.
• Saturday evening services on March 9th at 5:30 PM
•Exercise group will start on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM at the youth center as soon as TV is working.
•Concert may be scheduled for March and in October.
•Car Wash April 21st after church and others in July and September.
•Plant sale in May.
•Dance in September.
•Silent Auction.

If you have any other ideas for FUN fundraisers, please let me know. It is going to be another busy year of growing and making a difference in our community. Take part and join the fun!

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireLenten Coin Folders

Lenten Bible Study
Mondays March 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th @ 6:30PM
Please see Pastor Bae for more information.

We have about 50 coin folders available at church during Lenten season. This is a special collection of offering and will be sent to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief) to help lift up suffering of people in the midst of Sept. 11th.

It is a quite appropriate during Lent, because Jesus went through all the suffering and agony, and even death. As a people of faith, specifically of Easter faith, we are to share their pain and suffering and keep them in our prayers especially during this season of Lent. So you are invited to take this opportunity of spiritual discipline, collecting a quarter everyday with your prayer.

If you need someone to take this special folder to you, please send your email to your pastor at or call at 603-458-1699 or anyone in the church. We plan to bring the folders to the alter on Easter Sunday as a part of worship.

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshirePastor Parish Relations Committee

Merrianne McDonald, PPRC Chairperson

As we begin working towards the goals of our church, it is very important not to forget the primary focus of our ministry. We need to be in prayer with our Lord for his help and guidance. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in the everyday life of our church, we forget where our focus should be. It is most important for us to put God first then work for the life of our church.

We welcome all your thoughts and ideas on the following questions.

a) What hopes do you have for our community and faith?
b) What ministries could our church provide to help you grow in faith?
c) What leadership is needed to accomplish these ministries?
d) What programs do you feel need to be changed or improved?
e) What could the PPRC do to encourage and support the leadership for developing these ministries?

Think about these important questions and let any one of us on PPRC know. Members of the PPRC are: Nancy Swank, Diane Boucher, Elaine Heinrich, Kathleen Petkiewich, Beverly Trusty, and Keith Boucher (lay-leader). If you would like to e-mail me, my address is:

As we prepare to launch the Twilight Service, it is important to understand what the pastor needs from each of us. He definitely needs our prayer and presence during the first few months as the congregation develops. This service will be entirely different, reaching out to the unchurched and the young folks. It will be loaded with new tempo and music. Let’s rally around our friends and neighbors and let them know what is happening here. Tell your work friends, tell your relatives, anyone who you could be a disciple to. This is all part of our commitment we have given to the church and what will bring growth to our family. Pray for God’s help and guidance. With that help, our dreams will come true, our church will grow and our journey in faith will build like the mountains. God Bless you all, Happy Easter!

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireSuccess in Mission Shares

We’re happy to report that we’ve achieved 100% payment of our “Mission Shares” in 2001 for the 10th straight year. We join our sister churches in Salem at Tenney and Pleasant Street in reaching this goal. This is the first time all three have accomplished this in recent memory (if ever!)

By supporting Mission Shares, North Salem and its congregation can participate in ministry at home and around the world. Wherever there is pain and suffering we are there; wherever people are hungry we are there, wherever there are disasters we are there to help; wherever people do not know Christ we are there. This is the Joy of our “connectedness” in the United Methodist Church. Connected through Christ and connected through a covenant as a church in mission, our hands stretch far and wide through Mission Shares.

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireTrustees Organize for Coming Year

by Bill Ermer, Chairperson

The first meeting was held and election of officers and committees is as follows: Chairperson - Bill Ermer; Vice Chairperson - Gary Bulpitt; Secretary - Nancy Graichen; and Treasurer - Lisa Whiteneck. Those in charge of Building Maintenance: Larry Welch, Al Eldredge, Harry Bovee, Paul Simms, Gary Bulpitt and Art Richert; Parsonage Committee: Janet Lavalle and Nancy Graichen; Building Committee Representative: Bill Ermer and Equipment Maintenance: Art Richert and Larry Welch.

If you see something that needs repair please see any trustee. This year there will be scheduled workdays for ground, general maintenance, and playground repair. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all that volunteered their time at the parsonage and new addition. God Bless You!

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireSunday School News

Sunday School Superintendent, Dawn Trusty

Our Preschool and Kindergarten group will be adding music to their class sessions. The students in the older elementary group are assuming more responsibility by taking on the teacher's role. Sue Barber guides the young leaders. She sees them gaining a new understanding of the material when they present it to their classmates.

On Easter, March 31st, all students will participate in fun activities which will aid in their learning about Jesus.
After Easter, upcoming events include:
Children/Youth Breakfast on May 19th;
Children's Sunday on June 9th;
Summer Sunday School, June 17-September 8th;
Vacation Bible School has yet to be decided.

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireGet Ready to enter the “Twilight Zone”

Get ready to enter the Twilight Zone: North Salem’s new Twilight Worship on Saturday’s at 5:30PM beginning March 9th.

So what will the Twilight Zone be like?

In a nutshell: upbeat Music, informal atmosphere, friendly people, and a short message relevant to today’s living.

First of all the service is open to EVERYONE. Current members and friends are encouraged to support this new ministry that is targeted towards bringing new people into our church. Don’t worry, God won’t strike you dead if you attend 2 services in one week!

A good description of what to expect would be music, music and more music, actually more than 40 minutes worth at each service! Upbeat music with a contemporary flair using many songs from “The Faith We Sing”. Lots of congregational singing that builds us up and helps us feel the joy of Christ.

For our opening service on March 9th, a local Gospel singing group called “A-Men” will be providing our music as one of their missions. A-Men, as the name states, is a group of 8 men who have awesome voices and have been performing for 4 years. They are directed by Becky Rousseau, an accomplished musician in her own right. Becky is currently attending the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. We hope to establish a continuing relationship with Becky, A-Men and a 4 woman group that performs as well; and have them provide music for us on occasion.

We continue to work on recruiting musicians to play/sing in services going forward and would ultimately like to form a “Praise Team”. If you or someone you know would like to play, sing, or even better, help direct this effort, please see Pastor Bae or Keith.

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New HampshireYouth Group

Youth Leaders, Traycee Trusty, Marina Brown

Every Sunday we meet at the youth center from 5:30-7. Youth grade 6-12 are welcome to join anytime! Many thanks to Bill and Nancy Swank. Mr. Swank treated the members to an art lesson. We were excited about discovering our talents! Everyone loved the brownies and hot cocoa. Thanks Nancy!

On February 10th we were joined by many new youth. Everyone participated in group games to foster new relationships and help all to feel welcome. Pizza was served. We are collecting teddy bears. So far the collection is quite big. The stuffed toys will be given to Lazarus House for distribution to children who arrive to stay there. We appreciate all the help. A fundraiser with Pampered Chef on March 10th is our next project. It is our goal to support the construction of a new bathroom in the Youth Center.

Upcoming events include:


3 Movie (4:45-7:00) Alexis
10 Pampered Chef Party Bring family, friends
17 (St. Patrick's Day) Cookie Bake Lazarus House
24 (Palm Sunday) Discussion Mandy
31 No Group, Easter


7 Movie (4:45-7:00) Beth
14 Discussion Amy
21 Earth Day Project Andy
28 Lock-in April 27 7PM-9AM Everyone
May 5 Mother's Tea Traycee
12 No Group, Mother's Day
19 Last meeting, activity TBA

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