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NSUMCNorth Salem United Methodist Church

Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2005

Come join us for Christian singing/movement, crafts, storytelling/puppetry, snacks and outdoor games.

The VBS week is free, and open to children ages 3 and up.

VBS daily themes are to be announced.

Donations of craft supplies are needed, and monetary donations are always appreciated. Volunteers needed to help with games, crafts, serving snack and playground supervision.

2004 VBS Report

by Dawn Trusty, Sunday School Superintendent

Vacation Bible School was held the last week of June. North Salem combined forces with the kind folks at Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church. The overall theme of the program titled" Zoom Zone was "God is the same today, tomorrow and forever." Each day an object was revealed from a time capsule allowing the children to anticipate what they would soon learn in the storytelling and drama sessions. Children participated in singing, drama, scrapbooking, crafts and games. The many volunteers representing both churches worked well as a team and made VBS a success.

What did the adults and children who participated think of VBS?
Mandy Barrett, volunteer: "I think VBS was great because it was interesting to watch the children learn and see how eager they were to learn."
Jessica Mattia, volunteer: "VBS was great, the best part was games. When the kids left they seemed to have fun learning about God. I also liked it when the kids left with their Mom or Dad I would hear them say the best part was when they went to games."
Linda French, student: "I made a friend!"
Andy French, student: "I liked singing and playing games!"

Many thanks to Pastor Jan Parke, Cindy Mattia, Traycee Trusty, Bev Trusty, Mandy Barrett and Alexis Boucher for their efforts.

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