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NSUMCNorth Salem United Methodist Church

The Messenger

Septmeber 2004

Volume 1, Issue 11

Blessing of the Backpacks
Youth Group News
A Letter from Iraq
Events Calendar
Trustees Report
Staff Parish Relations Committee
Walk to Emmaus
Gospel of Luke Bible Study
VBS Report
Message from the Pastor
Lay Leader Notes
A New Roof

United methodist church, worship services in North Salem New Hampshire

Blessing of the Backpacks

by Dawn trusty

Students, did you get a new backpack for school? Is it loaded with all those fun back to school supplies? Well, I hope you have left room in your backpack for a back to school survival kit! On September 12th we will kick off the start of fall Sunday School. Bring your back packs along with you. We will be having a Blessing of the Backpacks before Sunday School. Each student will receive a school survival kit with all sorts of fun goodies. Speaking of goodies, be sure to stay after church and enjoy an ice cream sundae! I look forward to welcoming each of you back. I've missed our circle time. I look forward to seeing you and starting our fall program off right.

Youth Group News

by Cindy Simms

The youth group got back together late this summer for an outing to Six Flags. In spite of the heat and crowds we had a wonderful time. Those who were there enjoyed catching up with each other after a long and fun summer.

While the youth were riding roller coasters and water rides, adults began discussions for next year, including service projects, time for fellowship and fun, fund raising and something we are very excited about, a possible mission project next summer. Of course we still have the Youth Center project to finish up! Our plan is to meet Sunday evenings from 6-8 pm with our kickoff meeting on September 19th. We look forward to our incoming sixth graders joining the group, and also will be sponsoring activities for all ages during the year.

Thanks to Laura Preston and Diane Stickney for their offer of help in leading the group next year. Thanks to Pastor Jan for her ongoing support and inspiration, Diane Boucher, for all her help, and of course the Women's Group and the church members for all of their support of us!

Attention... Youth of the Church

Are you a ham? Do you like music? Ever want to be a star of stage or screen?

Pastor Jan would like to hear from you if you are interested in acting, signing, being funny, or working with other young people to prepare presentations for the church!

The day and time will depend on you. Come and share your ideas and have a fun time!

A Letter from Iraq

by Shawn, LCpl/USMC

Merrianne and Class,

Thank you very much for taking the time to write to me. I was very pleased to see your letters waiting for me when I woke up this morning. Actually it was the afternoon by then because I had to work through the night, but all the same. It always brightens my day to know I received mail! I'll try and answer all of your questions in this letter. If I miss one, I'm sorry. I guess the Iraqi sun is just starting to fry my brain a little too much. :)

To Jessica: Asking if I hate Social Studies, it wasn't my favorite subject. But it did start to get very interesting and I started to enjoy it. Don't worry, I bet you will too.

To Michelle: It is a great experience being over here. I have learned a lot about my job in the Marines, and a few things about myself, I'm glad I came out here.

To Sarah P: Yes, it does get scary here sometimes. But nothing too bad, we are very well protected here so I find a lot of comfort in that. And don't worry, I'll try not to stay up past 10:30 too many times!

To Cami J: I am doing very well out here actually, we just got a Ping Pong table in one of our tents so I'm playing that all time. Just like Forest Gump.

To Cali: Yes I miss my family and friends a lot! You never really know how much you could miss them until you are pulled away from them like this.

To Amanda: Nice pen. That note really did brighten up my day, and my room. And the tent! I have got to get me a highlighter pen like that when I get back.

And finally, To Kelly: It is very very hot over here! I used to think NH summers were hot at 90 and 95. Over here we wish for temps that cool! I think the hottest it has gotten here so far is 125. Last night it dropped to 103 and at 8 am it was already 115.

It does help a lot that all of you wrote to me. Thank you very much. We are finally in the home stretch of our deployment and should be back to the United States in mid-August. I should be back in NH in early September. So I can't wait. First thing I'm going to do when I get home is get a huge pizza and eat it all by myself! Then go to the mall, not to buy anything, but go just because I can!

Anyways I have to go, chow time! Thanks again for writing and take care! I'll be thinking of you all when I'm out here!

Shawn, LCpl/USMC

PS. I knew I was missing one! Bet you thought I forgot! To Melanie: I am doing my best to stay out of harm's way and it seems to be working! No one in my unit has been hurt since we have been out here, other than a little too much sun! Guess someone is looking out for us all!

Events Calendar


12th - Guest Preacher Rev. Paul Chang
Sunday School Kickoff with Blessing of the Backpacks and Ice Cream Sundaes

14th - Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke, Tuesdays, 7-8 pm, at the NSUMC Church. Or 10:30 am on Thursdays in Raymond.

25th - Church Yard Sale Space rental $15. Yard sale donations will be gladly accepted the day of the sale. Unfortunately we have no storage space available for your generous donations before the day of the event. Thanks for your cooperation.


10th - Blessing of the Animals (tentative)

16th - Self Defense Class by Pastor coordinated with Derry church. Tentative date.

17th - Laity Sunday

131st - All Saints Sunday and Communion

Trustees Report

by Bill Ermer

Time is going by so quickly... the summer is over and before you know it leaves will be turning those beautiful colors. Hope everyone enjoyed their summer.

In the spring the cleanup day was a great success and I want to thank the trustees and members of the congregation for giving their time and doing a great job sprucing up our church.

In June member of the trustees moved the mobile classroom behind the church to be in compliance with the town agreement made four years ago. The classroom is now registered and is portable. Electricity will be connected soon for the coming Sunday School year. A special thanks to Gary Bullpit for the use of his equipment and his ability as a mover.

In August the rugs were cleaned. Check it out! Also the oil furnace had to be revented because the chimney is not up to code.

In October there will be a fall clean up. The date will be announced.

The trustees will be coming up with a plan to shingle our church roof which is overdue. We will work together with God's help to get this accomplished before winter.

Staff Parish Relations Committee

by Merrianne McDonald, Chairperson

How quickly time flies. Fall brings our Annual Charge Conference. In preparation for that conference, we at North Salem need to form and elect people in our church family to service on the committees that help to keep our church running throughout the year. Some of the committees available for your to serve on include the Trustees, SPRC, Finance, Worship, Youth, Sunday School, and Membership to mention a few. If you are interested in serving on any of these committees for next year, please let me know or contact the Pastor directly. We are looking for some new faces and new ideas for the 2005-year. Many hands make jobs much lighter so please join hands with us next year. Together we can make more people Disciples of Christ. As our vows to the church state, we need to give with our presence, gift, talents, and service. If everyone reading this letter offered to do just one job, how much easier would it be on the others that are serving today. Please consider your talents and what you have to offer and let God lead you in his path.

We are beginning our second year with Pastor Jan and looking forward to all the new ideas she has for our church. Bible Studies will begin in the fall, so watch for more details. Paul Quartarone is going to try having choir rehearsal 15 minutes after church so that others can more easily participate. We need your voices, consider joining us! It is fun and what better way to service our God! The beauty of music and how much it contributes to our church service is so important. Consider joining.

SPRC committee Members are always available to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to talk to any of us at any time. If you have ideas for our service or ways we can improve our church, contact Pastor Jan or any SPRC member. They are: Bev Trusty, Diane Boucher, Elaine Heinrich, Harry Bovee, myself, and lay leader Keith Boucher. We are looking for people to serve on this committee for the 005 year.

God Bless each and every one as we continue our work in Christ.

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Walk to Emmaus

Walk to Emmaus

One of the most exciting spiritual renewal movements that has been underway for the past 50+ years is the Walk to Emmaus. The program's approach seriously considers the model of Christ's servanthood and encourages Christ's disciples to act in ways appropriate to being "a servant of all." If you are wondering how you might continue to grow in your walk with Christ, then this walk may be just what you have been looking for. Actually, the Walk to Emmaus is not a physical walk, but a long weekend that begins on a Thursday evening and concludes on Sunday evening. This a time of great joy, fellowship, wonderful food, and most of all, powerful worship and prayer.

The Walk to Emmaus gets its name from the story in Luke 24:13-35, which provides the central image for the three-day experience and follow-up. Luke tells the story of that first Easter afternoon when the risen Christ first appeared to the two disciples who were walking together along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus.

TO get involved in the Walk to Emmaus, each person must have a sponsor who has already attended the Emmaus him- or herself. If you have a friend who has been to Emmaus, ask your friend to tell you about his or her experience with the program and find out more. I have been involved with the Walk to Emmaus for the past several years, and i have seen my own life, as well as the lives of many others, transformed by this weekend. This "walk" is a wonderful way to deepen your relationship with Christ and with others in the Christian community. If you would like to know more about this powerful retreat, which takes place twice a year, please speak with Pastor Jan.

Gospel of Luke Bible Study

This fall Pastor Jan will offer a Bible Study class on the Gospel of Luke. The date and time will be announced soon. In the Revised Common Lectionary, this is Year C, the year when we read the Gospel of Luke. If you would like to know what the Revised Common Lectionary is, or why this is Year C, or how the Gospel of Luke is different from other Gospels, come to class and find out! Call Pastor Jan for more information.

VBS Report

by Dawn Trusty, Sunday School Superintendent

Vacation Bible School was held the last week of June. North Salem combined forces with the kind folks at Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church. The overall theme of the program titled" Zoom Zone was "God is the same today, tomorrow and forever." Each day an object was revealed from a time capsule allowing the children to anticipate what they would soon learn in the storytelling and drama sessions. Children participated in singing, drama, scrapbooking, crafts and games. The many volunteers representing both churches worked well as a team and made VBS a success.

What did the adults and children who participated think of VBS?
Mandy Barrett, volunteer: "I think VBS was great because it was interesting to watch the children learn and see how eager they were to learn."
Jessica Mattia, volunteer: "VBS was great, the best part was games. When the kids left they seemed to have fun learning about God. I also liked it when the kids left with their Mom or Dad I would hear them say the best part was when they went to games."
Linda French, student: "I made a friend!"
Andy French, student: "I liked singing and playing games!"

Many thanks to Pastor Jan Parke, Cindy Mattia, Traycee Trusty, Bev Trusty, Mandy Barrett and Alexis Boucher for their efforts.

Message from the Pastor...

by Pastor Jan Parke

Our new fall season is almost upon us. The summer brought a mixture of hot and cold weather, and I'm now ready to settle down into fall - my favorite season of the year.

Our Sunday School will kick off the year on September 12, when Rev. Paul Chang, our District Superintendent, will come to preach. We will again have a blessing of the backpacks and a special treat for the students after church.

I want to thank each person who graciously participated in helping provide dinner to the workers at Rockingham Park in July. The workers were overwhelmed with both our food and our friendly service. I thank God that we are able to reach out to our community in this and in other ways. I was so happy with your response that I nearly cried.

This fall will bring other activities to the church. I will be offering a Bible study class on the Gospel of Luke. Stay tuned for the day and time. I would also like to start a drama/choir group for the youth of the church. This would be a group that could do musicals, present skits, or sing, depending on the interest of the group.

I will be serving on a Walk to Emmaus in October. Information about this retreat, sponsored by the Upper Room in Nashville, can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

The fall season will also include another Blessing of the Animals service. The date will be set soon. This worked so well last year, and I look forward to seeing all our animals at church once again.

Seminary was a long and tiring adventure, and I think you for all your prayers and support during this time. Please accept my deep and sincere thanks for your encouragement as I finished seminary. I was overjoyed to graduate in May and then be Commissioned at Annual Conference. I love my new stole and look forward to wearing it when the weather cools off.

Since this is a presidential election year, I urge each of you to register to vote and then to vote. Voting is an important way that we, as Christians, can give voice to what we believe our country's direction should be.

As I scoot around between North Salem and Raymond, I thank God for putting each person in both congregations into my life. I so enjoy the warm, wonderful, and caring people who make up the congregations. I am excited about this coming year, and I look forward to working again with each of you. God has truly blessed my life through you. My prayer is that we will continue to be a blessing to one another and to our communities. God has blessed each one of us and called us to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community and our world.

As we prepare for the coming of fall and the return to school for the youth, I wish you all the blessings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lay Leader Notes

by Keith Boucher

Youth Choir - This fall North Salem will be starting a youth choir. If you like to sing, play an instrument, or perform please see Alexis Boucher and Pastor Jan. The plan will be to begin sometime in November. We know we have extraordinary talent in our midst and want to showcase it. A fun time is guaranteed for all!

Support of Salemhaven - Did you know that we have a jewel in our own town. Yes, that jewel is Salemhaven, home to many older folks mostly from Salem. Salemhaven provides a caring and well kept environment for people in their golden years. Helping hands are always needed from people like us. There are so many opportunities to give to the residents of Salemhaven. Maybe it's helping with mealtime of helping wheelchair people going to Sunday morning church service. Or just a visit or some of your time reading to those who may not have anyone else. Please help us brighten someone's life by speaking to either John Keeler of Keith Boucher and they will show you how. You'll be glad you did!

Choir - Paul is extending an invitation to join the church choir and attend practice at a more convenient time. Right after church on Sunday morning. Come one, come all and join the fun making beautiful music.

A New Roof

by the Church Roof Committee

Your help is needed! The NSUMC church roof must be replaced. This is a big project and will involve a lot of money.

The Woman's Club has stepped up to the bat with a hefty donation and is hoping you will too.

Our church is in need of a new roof. The shingles are in poor condition and many have come off. This repair needs to be done before winter. Trustees have been monitoring the situation and have gotten quotes to strip off the layer of shingles and replace them with a 30 year replacement shingle.

We have a beautiful sanctuary and need to preserve it by keeping it dry. Your affirmation of this decision is vital. We need your help! We need to raise approximately $16,000 in order to pay for the new roof. The Woman's Club will be making a pledge and we have a memorial of about $2,000. As you can see it leaves us with a shortfall of $12,000.

We are asking each member and friend of the North Salem United Methodist Church to make an enthusiastic pledge which they feel they can meet. For example, if sixty people pledge $200 each we would reach a goal of $12,000. Such a pledge is reachable in a number of ways:
$20 x 10 weeks = $200
$10 x 20 weeks = $200
$5 x 40 weeks = $200
$25 x 8 months = $200

Some of course will be able to double this amount and others may find this goal unattainable. But we trust that all will take pride in helping as they can. We need to have the roof completed by December 1, 2004 so we need to act now to ensure it is completed. In January we will have a celebration of the completion with a special service.

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